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This is a new player in the world of combat, offering the viewers a fairly good time in the ring of gore.


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November 28, 2020

How To Speed Up The Torrent Downloads?

Imagine being in a world where you can get a hundred MBPS download speed on Utorrent! Wouldn’t it be an amazing world? Imagine being on a smooth road with the accelerator down, and then you realise that you are actually driving a car that is wrecked. The flight is not exactly so uncommon for people who have slow speeds when they are trying to download torrents.

Users of torrents would actually attest to the fact that half of their time is only spent looking for healthy torrents and the other half of the time is spent when it comes to downloading the torrent at decent speeds. They would also attest to the fact that torrents have terrible speeds. The former is actually mandatory. The latter is thankfully within the realm of some tweaking. People who use torrents regularly know the pain of downloading healthy torrents.

If you are someone who thinks that torrent download speeds definitely need a boost, you have definitely come to the right place. In this guide, I will be giving you some tips as to how you can speed up your torrent downloads instantaneously.


It would be best if you started considering that your internet service provider is the first problem. You should check the maximum download and upload speeds which are allowed by your internet service providers. Most of the internet service providers will have a very specific bandwidth for both upload and download speeds. The torrent downloads cannot cross the speed cap, which is provided by the internet service provider.

If your speeds are too low, I highly suggest contacting your internet service provider immediately.

Make sure that you choose the right client for a BitTorrent. Choosing the right BitTorrent is one of the most important things that you can do when it comes to downloading torrents. You should also go for healthy seeds and peers. Healthy seeds are what get you really fast download. Whenever a torrent has a healthy seed, it starts downloading in a much faster pace.


Firewalls and actually block all the incoming BitTorrent connections. A fireball should manually be configured so that it can accept the connections through the client. A lot of systems do not let BitTorrent connections come through.

You should also make sure that you have limited the upload rate. A peer to peer network is all about sharing, but an unlimited upload rate will hit the download rate too. Make sure that your upload rate is properly limited.

You should also make sure that you go to a different port. You can then start by increasing the number of max half-open TCP connections. If this seems like rocket science, you can find information about it on YouTube.

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